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A Houston native. She decided to travel her path of justice after graduating from John Foster-Dulles High School. Crystal D. Henderson completed her undergrad at Howard University and continued to get her Juris Docorate from Thurgood Marshall Law School. She has been practicing law since 2004 and opened her own practice in 2010 after numerous victories were under her belt. Crystal D. Henderson is well prepared to defend her clients in all legal matters (Criminal, Family, Personal Injury, and Immigration to name a few). Crystal D. Henderson is a preferred and highly accredited legal advocate. She is definitely "THE" modern day lady justice.


Tips on Having an Effective Consultation

The average person gets between 30 minutes to an hour in each legal consultation. How are you going to use your time? A few savvy steps can improve communication and help you get the full benefit of your face to face with the attorney. Here's the low down on how to proceed.

BEFORE Your Visit

Create a legal journal: Grab a notebook and jot down questions that you want answers about your case or legal matter. Do some research on your situation so that you may have a heads up on some of the things that your attorney may say. Create bullet points starting with your most important questions and concerns (this will help you stay within the time window).

DURING Your Visit

Start with your top priority: Never wait to unload your mind close to the end of the visit. Your priority concern may be something that the attorney will need to cover with you in detail. Once you explain to the attorney what is going on, you should immediately let him/her know what your main concern is. Get as specific as possible. Let the attorney know what you can bargain and what you can't.

Taking notes: Write down any and all instructions that your attorney gives you. If you can't take notes yourself then bring along a friend or a family member. If no one is available then ask your attorney if you may audio record the visit.

Clearing up confusion: In one recent study 78 percent of clients who left the consultation did not completely understand what was said to them-a dangerous situation. So be sure to pipe up if you're unclear about what the attorney is saying. If you don't say anything the attorney will assume that you understand. If you need more time on an issue before moving to the next you should let the attorney know.

Get a verbal confirmation: Do not leave the visit without making sure that you completely understand what was said by the attorney. In return make sure that the attorney understood your concerns. It's always good to look over your notes and read them out loud to make sure you jotted down all the important factors.

AFTER Your Visit

Go over your info: Take a closer look at your notes and/or educational material. Carefully review the information once you are home-if any questions or concerns arise, don't be afraid to call your attorney's office back.

Follow up: If something else comes up be sure to follow up with your attorney to bring him/her up to speed. Do not wait until the last minute. In order for your attorney to work effectively he/she would need information immediately. If you can't contact him/her directly then be sure to send an email followed by a phone call to the legal assistant.

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